October 26, 2015 sacadmin

Camaraderie across cultures

The success of the unique working environment at SAC had a lot to do with a shared work ethic and amazing camaraderie among the members of staff, despite their diverse cultural backgrounds.

The larger group of people hailed from a number of different South African cultures, while other nationalities included Helmut Neumann (German), Yves Moizant and Bruno Meyer (French), Tasso Karantonis and Johnny Rizos (Greek), Jim Weeks (American), Geoff Quick (British) and many others. All were seamlessly incorporated into the SAC team.

“I have fond memories of Elijha Tshefu in the Genhouse, Isak Ramela, a whizz in the garden who brought the ladies flowers, and Piet van der Westhuizen with his boule (steel balls), who taught us to play petanque (lawn bowling adopted from the French) – we even built a special area for the game.”

– Karen Wentzel